COVID19 facts . 1.First time in human history new virus of RNA Corona ,SARS CO V 2 ,mutant variety infects the Global population. 2.No cure. 3.Only social distancing. 4.Doctors are victims just for the sake of treating the fellow human Inspite knowing the danger. 5.Zoonotics. 6.Mortality varies from continent to continent worst is the developed nation. 7.Highly contagious 8.Pandemic 9.Epidemiologicaly ,? Bats to Pangolin to Chinese ,Wuhan, then traveled to entire world. 8.The more remote rural and primitive people are de linked from the modern world are saved from the Corona. 9.Rich travellers ,frequent flyers become the vehicle of transmission. 10.Worst sufferer are the Geriatrics,and high mortality among the aged population. So again this groups are in developed nations,so high score in the Italy,Spain and in USA. 11. Corona easily kills the aged in the presence of preexisting ,co morbidity conditions among the old aged population. 12.ACE 2 ,( angiotension converting enzymes 2) receptors are the ideal site for the virion to enter the respiratory epithelium from upper Respiratory tract to alveoli. 13.Corona spike protein are easily dissolved by ACE2, so favours the RNA injection into epithelium and join with host cell RNA ,starts multiplication of virus . 14. Viral antigens send signals to immune system and IgG,IgM starts to neutralize the viral proteins. 15.IgG,IgM helps us to for surveillance purpose and helps to combat the spread of disease to the healthy population. 16.Cytokines and chemokine are the other immunological response from the patient side. 17.Cytokine and chemokine are like a carpet bombing produced by immune system to target against the virus particles,but the virus particles are inside the epithelium ,so the cytokine Strom syndrome settled down to sweep the respiratory paranchymal cell and severe inflammation and fluids occupy the alveoli. 18 .So ventilators rescue the patients. 19.Spo2 reduction produce multiorgan failure ,cytokine Strom syndrome kill the individuals. 20.virus and its immunological response of the patients, creates the complication for their own casualties. 21. oestrogens in the women seems to be protective in early recovery for them in the corona epidemics. 22.In Germany patients who were discharged from hospital and they were surveyed and during the survey they found to be affected with loss of smell and taste . 24.Even PCR positive patients followed by contacts or with history of travels ,never had symptoms or the fever,cough and breathless ness but except muscle pain ,body ache and malaise were noticed.This is suggestive of asymptomatic carrier. 25.Viral myocarditis ,will further de compensates the silent occult angina and sudden mortalities are reported. 26 .DM , with poor GFR with COVID 19 produces sudden renal failure is reported. Neurologist ,a known DM ,with COVID 19 in Chennai died due to renal failure. 27.PCR.,detecting the RNA antigen from the virus. Corona RNA is converted into complementary DNA by reverse transcriptase ,and fluorescent dye is added ,and it is visible.



Nicely complied and comprehensively described. Children and male female ratio of . morbidity and mortality are not reported in any research papers and data's of developed countries are published and analysed by worldwide.
Thanks Dr Elumalal .

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Thank u sir for sharing this information and it will give more confidence to us

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