Severe whole body itching not relieved with avil or monteleukast

A 27 year old female, She has developed severe whole body itch and mild facial swelling since 16th may 2020. The lesion picture is attached herewith. I'm trying to find out any new exposure to food or anything, only a new detergent named mr white used to wash clothes has been introduced in her home in may. Otherwise there is no any new exposure. She also has past history of allergy to some creams like olay moisturising cream. She has been prescribed levocetrizine, avil, monteleuakst and her symptoms have not wearer off....may be there is need of methyl prednisolone now. Kindly tell me what is this and how to manage this and what to pr scribe in how much dosage. Her weight is around 60 kgs.

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Thank you doctor
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