What are the ant diabetic medicine

N number of medicines are there Divided in groups 1 biguinides like chlorformin phenformin and recently in practice is METFORMIN 2 sulfonilureas initially used were tolbutamide glibenclimide Gerpride Now in practice are GLICLAZIDES GLIMIPERIDES GLP1 ANALOGUE DPP4 THESE ARE GLIPTINES LIKE VILDAGLIPTIN SEXAGLIPTIN LINAGLIPTIN ALOGLIPTIN and few more All these are quite safe and effective Thiazolindones mainly used is pioglitazone Rosiglitazone is obsolete due to side effects There acarbose group Mainly used is voglibose There are few more like repaglinide mainly helpful in ppg cases Beside oral drugs Different insulins are available
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Drugs control sugar in blood are antidiabetic drug diabetic insipidus responds to insulin therapy other oral hyperglycemic drugs metformin cheap and best
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