ca breast patient post radiochemo dengue IgM positive with thrombocytopenia had sudden drop in GCS; ct done; diagnose



Wts the platelet count....anyhow bleeding into the cerebrum due to thrombocytopenia is not common....i wd rather go wd Brain Metastasis with primary CA breast

Bleed v/s metastatic lesions Since there was a sudden drop in GCS and presence of thrombocytopenia it goes more in favour of bleed,may be in the area of metastasis Needs MRI brain (plain+contrast)

Lobar hemorrhage due to coagulopathy...second thing we have to also rule out remote possibility of cerebral mets with bleed ..o

ICH right high parietal region with perilesional edema and mass effect Bleed in a pre existing metastatic lesion a possibility

Right sided ICH due to thrombocytopenia in the area of metastasis.Needs CEMRI

Agreed@sanjay kumar sir

I agree with Dr P Chand

SAH with Rt ventricular hemorrhage.midline shift, cerebral edema

Haemorhage ...may be in a metastasis

Kindly send your treatment resume and final diagnosis

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