Ca Esophagus

A male aged 66 years who is a chronic smoker and alcoholic Chief Complaints Pain Chest (x 1 month) Dysphagia (Solids > Liquids) Loss of weight Physical Examination Pall (+) Rest normal Investigations UGIE done showed this circumferential involvement starting at 23 cm from upper incisors


Carcinoma of the upper 1/3 esophagus Biopsy of the lesion CECT chest to look for extent of disease and CECT abdomen to rule out metastasis Feeding jejunostomy if there is total dysphagia Definitive Chemoradiation therapy if stage 3 and less Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by definitive Chemoradiation if stage 4.

Well evaluated case.... Go for BIOPSY... PET Scan ....

CA oesophagus It needs oesophageal by pass

Refer to Oncologist