Interpretation plz. . 60yr old male c/o fever and watery loose motions since yesterday with heavyness of chest. cough with expectorations. all blood investigations are WNL. k/c/o HTN,IHD on regular Rx. . BP 100/60. Bil wheezing+. stable.


Ecg seems to be normal but hypocalamic changes are suspicious Bilateral wheezing is concerned if he is not k c o asthma why should he have wheezing I am concerned for he is hypertensive while present bp is 100/60 and h/o ihd i e critical point as pt may be in failure and metabolic distress plz screen him.
Thanks sir. Pt is stable under Physicians opinion in his Hospital. referred earlier. X-ray chest and other relevant investigations done.reports awaited.

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ECG. Low voltage ECG. QRS Axis is on left side. Widespread ST depressed. Possibility TVD OR Left Maine blokes. Do 2D.ECHO AND Tropnine.. Subject for Diagnostic CAG . Pt.may require CABG or PTCA
Low voltage Poor r wave progression across the chest leads LAD LAHB Inferiolateral St depression with St elevation in aVr Downup T wave in lateral leads Check S.K, S.Trop Do serial ecg
Ecg shows old AWMI with LAD. Trop-i should be done to rule out fresh infarct.. And appropriate management of ac Gastroenteritis should be done
LAD,incomplete LAFB..avR ST elevation...tropt, 2d echo and CAG needed...
Viral diarrhea. Ecg seems to be normal . Check pottassium levels.
Acute.GI Infection... May be of viral in nature Go for CBC...
acute. gastroenterits. with. dehydration
Thank you doctor
Acute G I infection
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