Calcaneal spur

Patient aged 45y female , previous history of hysterectomy. Chief Complaints Patient aged 45yrs / female complaints of pain in both the heels since 3 months. Amelioration on walking . Aggravation after waking up, rest Suggestive medicines and management please



Calcaneal spur otherwise known as Exostosis-feet-heels. CONCHIOLINUM is only medicine in synthesis repertory. It available in St. GEORGE HOMOEOPATHY, Mangaluru, karnataka

Possible reasons are- obestity Low calcium/D3 If she's obese advice her to loose some weight Give Syp- Coe D3 60k IU (Vitamin d3) weekly. Ameliorations in walking Rhus tox 30c bd Colchicum 30c bd Ruta Q 5drops tds.

In many cases of calcaneal spur.. pain is due to associated plantar fascitis. After, waking or resting for prolonged time etc-- when trying to walk usually aggravates pain is a common symptom. According to the symptoms Rhus tox may be indicated. > by walking ( if seems to be an intense symptom ) - Valeriana off can be considered .

Rx Cal.flour , Ruta g

Calcaneal spur Calcaria fluor may be helpful

Rhus Tox 1 M monthly × 3 dose Calcaria Fluor 200 weekly × 4 dose


Cal flour

Rx Cal flour May be helpful

First motion is painful Rhus tox and calc phos 6x

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