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Calcaneum Spar

Heel pain occur one year ago, can not walk after bed in morning after awake. Then after some time limping then pain is bearable. But after first movement from sitting causes pain like limping. Aloepathic medicine taken, ware silicon sole and heel but no improvement after corticosteroid injection. He taken Homoeopathic medicine four months but no improvement. At last he come in our OPD clinic. But surgen says scraping is the process. But he fired to oparate and come Acupuncture OPD. Chief Complaints Pain in walking, his foot ball carrier will be doomed, limping since one year. History No past History. Vitals Hard pressed on heel causes Pain. Physical Examination Pressure point on tendo-achilis. Investigations X-ray shows bursitis and bony-spike on olicranon process near attachment of tendo-achilis. Diagnosis Calcaneum Spar. Management Acupuncture laser therapy given for five days, pain subside totally.


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Heel Spar can treat by Acupuncture laser therapy

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In Homoeopathy we suggest to take Rhus rox 200, for such cases

Frds the symptoms patient gives us that is disease symptoms it's all are same in Calcaneum Spar this symptoms can not diagnosis the medicine so the medicine Rhus Tox never given improvement, only Kali bichromicum and Aranea D. And Cinaberis only the medicine which can work but first and foremost work is to produce Calcification on that part, if we calcified totaly the problem will be solved permanently.

Ruta, Rhus-tox, valeriana etc are excellent

Only Aranea D. is the actual medicine for Calcaneum Spar, but patient not received. Medicine is guided by W.Boriek & Allen Encyclopaedia .

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Rhus Tox 1 M monthly × 3 dose

Hekla lava, Silicea and Calcarea fluor are found to be effective in such cases from experience

Thank you doctor


Homoeoacupunuture Treatment of Calcaneum SPar.

Sir, In aloepathic Hospital I can't prescribe Homoeopathic medicine so I does Acupuncture.

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Electroacupuncture of Calcaneum SPar. With Homeopathic remedies rustox30.and Calcaria Phos6x.

Heel Spar can treat by Acupuncture laser therapy

Homoeoacupunuture Treatment of

Symphytum, phytolacca q Vit D Calc, FL, cm

Not work .
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