calf 1yr,showing warts and is increasing day by day.apetite and temp normal, treated with anthiomalime but no response,plz suggest



Autoimmunization only will help

Collect 20 ml blood from jugular vein and give it I/m route

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Auto immune therapy is really helpful in this case. Take a portion of the wart using scalpel blade ticturate with Trichloro acetic acid strain off and inject the solution after diluting in normal saline subcutaneously.

Autohemotherapy weekly for 3_4 times as required. Autoimminzation and homeopathy like thuja has been proved successful in many cases

treat with anthimoline. and Autohemotherapy along with thuja ointments/ drops orally At least for 4 wks course.

Autoimmune therapy will support Thuja 200 10pills bid for 15days Apply Thuja cream over affected area,

Homeopathy medicine like Thuja ointment is said to provide excellent results

Collect 20ml blood from jugular vein and give it i/m route

Autoimmune therapy concurrently use thuza 200 10 drops bd

go for homeopathic treatment

Treat by Thuja 200x

agree with do Paul ...Thuja will resultful

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