came accross a case in a group...found interesting so sharing here for discussions and opinions. patient visited with Cheif complain of enlargement which he neglected since 20 years. no drug, systemic history. no other abnormality. routine blood investigations are normal. diagnosis and management. ??



From t provided case history , provisional diagnosis could be ...idiopathic gingival hyperplasia.. This disease has not been shown to be life-threatening ... However, treatment is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Removal of excess tissue through an internal bevel gingivectomy or undisplaced flap followed by gingivoplasty and continuous sling suture placements and periodontal dressing; after about a week of recovery remove sutures and periodically do observational evaluations to look for any signs of re-occurrence.....

never seen such a big enlargement .... probably neurofibromatosis....plz keep on updating abt the case

I have updated follow up pics

Oral neurofibromatosis. Shwannoma can be differential diagnosis. Advise CECT. Please post the pictures if possible. Very interesting case.

Posted follow ups ..Please check it

Never seen any thing like this a case for maxillofacial surgeon

Posted follow up pics

Severe oral fibromatosis

Gingival fibromatosis... excision

True finally

-Does he have the same problem in other area of his body ? Is it available in his family ? positive medical or family history. ..

May be Idiopathic gingival enlargement

Abnormal growth Don't seems malignant Incisional biopsy is required

Looks like a oral neurofibroma..biopsy must

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