Camphora - The poetic way

CAMPHORA Oh Camphora, freezing cold the utter chill of you I’ve seen you throw the covers off Your face an icy blue When cholera was on the rise you earned your claim to fame ’Twas Hahnemann who did prescribe And many learned your name The patients didn’t drop as flies You shone just like the sun The allopaths you did surprise In 1831 You’re good for shock You fear the dark A restlessness indeed Where life meets death With chilly breath Your pulse a dying seed I’ll think of you when I see blue In those so freezing cold Whose face is wrinkled old And hopefully before collapse The pulse a weakened thread I’ll have the sense to mention you Before the ill are dead.



Nice Poet & Explaination !

Thank you doctor

Very nice explanation and easy to understand

You did write too gud....appreciable it Is doc

Nice mam...easy to recall