Can a Schizophrenic do it ?

Can a Schizophrenic give unimaginable correct solution ? I was seeing a movie in which a joke scine took me about 30 years back. I was working in Govt mental hospital where about 2000 patients were admitted more than its capacity. A chronic, regressed, Schizophrenic used to wander whole day in the campus, collecting things from the road, always muttering, careless & looking like a street begger. He always remained indifferent. On that morning we all were very worried as someone has taken out all the four nuts of a wheel of the hospital's truck which has to carry grains for the patients. I was tense I noticed Debu (patient) going, to relax myself I called him and asked the solution, he was continuing his muttering, he said in a very low voice " take out one nut from each wheel" and went away. Now when I am seeing a movie the question hammers me that can a Schizophrenic of this stage (he was in the hospital for last 10 years) give such an intelligent answer ?



Dr John Forbes Nash, American Mathematician and Nobel Laureate , was a full blown Schizophrenic, with hallucinations. He was a professor in his speciality. " A Beautiful Mind " , Hollywood film, is all about his turmoil and triumphs.

Schizophrenic can be very intelligent, sharp and they can give correct advice on many circumstances

Thank you doctor

If patient is chronic with negative symptoms, regressed then d skills gets affected. I was in CIP KANKE Ranchi. Very renowned mathametician dr Vashisht Narain Sinha was admitted in RHC, was not able to count nos. There was profound deterioration found in him.