can anyone Guess what I'm holding? And what is that blue arrow pointing to?



Uterus (hysterectomy) With multiple subserous fibroid s. One pedunculated.

Multiple uterine fibroids. Big uterus of size 20 - 22 wks Can be palpable per abdomen

A post hysterectomy specimen with multiple uterine fibroids .Not able to find the blue arrow

Uterus with multiple fibroid

Multiple uterine fibriods

Hysterectomy specimen with multiple fibroids.. subserous, 24 wks size.

Dr, it is a huge ( 24 wks size ) multinodular fibroid showing sub serous peduculated fibroid , intramural fibroid but I don't see any blue arrow .

Multiple subserous fibroids in uterus

Fibroids uterus

Uterus with multiple subserosal fibroids

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