Can RT-PCR come positive after covid vaccination? and if positive then is it due to covid antibodies


No Ma’am.I really don’t think post vaccination can result in a positive RTPCR.Covishield does use DNA but only a part is inserted in the adenovirus carrier.Hence there is no chance of replication which forms the basis of RT-PCR.considering Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna they are mRNA-based vaccines which contain small region of the viral genome that tricks the cell into making the Spike protein against which an immune response is generated. RNA molecules are inherently unstable, being targeted by enzymes that can degrade the RNA within hours. Therefore, mRNA-based vaccines will not cause a Covid-19 PCR test to be positive. Now if a person receiving vaccine tests positive most probably It indicates that he/she was infected with SARS-CoV-2 just prior to or after being vaccinated. Actually this is a really intriguing question and even am looking forward to a different answer coz clinically what we are seeing is different from what is being said in literatures.Following this query to better understand what actually is happening...

Thank you doctor

Thanks ji Doctor for your valuable information.. but it came to my knowledge that after vaccination if there are side is due to the fact that patient has had Covid of any intensity before

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