Can tab primolut n be given while breastfeeding?baby is one year has missed periods n

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Primolut N not safe as it passes through breast milk Instead u can give tab Meprate 10mg TDS for 5days It is safe not passes through breast milk

Can breast feeding to be stopped for 3 days will help

The progestin-only pill is recommended over regular birth control pills for women who are�breastfeeding�because the mini-pill does not affect milk production (estrogen reduces the amount of breast milk). Commercially available progestogen-only pills include the following common or widely used formulations:[6][7][8][9] Desogestrel�75��g (e.g., Cerazette) Drospirenone�4�mg (e.g., Slynd)[10] Norethisterone�350��g (e.g., Micronor, Nor-QD, Noriday) courtesy - wiki

If she is breastfeeding she is going to have irregular menses. Why don't you put her on progesterone only pills it will help with contraception and is also safe. Although, some patients complain of breakthrough bleeding but it doesn't occur in all the patients.

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