can this be hairy leukoplakia or lp?



This can very well be lichen planus with superadded candidiasis... Do KOH scraaping for candida.... Start on Fluconazole 200mg stat followed by 100 mg for a week with mouth cleanser and topical clotrimazole paint. After a week or two do biopsy to look for: lichen planus Black hairy tongue leukoplakia etc.

hello dr., as pictures are not so clear and so is the clinical information of the case like burning sensation; i think lesion on tongue is black hairy tongue which is due to hypertrophy of tongue papillae and chromogenic bacteria...after professional prophylaxis, ask patient to clean the tongue and advice mouthwash for lesion on buccal mucosa, pls compare other sites of oral cavity also whether it is physiologic pigmentation

if Wickham straie is there then lichen planus. could be hypertrophic candidasis mom scrapable unlike pseudomembrane candidasis give antifungal and evaluate. this is not hairy leukoplakia which is seen on lateral boarder. this is not black hairy tongue as filla are white and under lying melanosis.

This is Hairy L. * doesn't seem like L.P. to me...

It's lichen planus not hairy leuloplakia, first hlp not seen in buccal mucosa then if pt has burning sensation then it's sure lp

hairy black tongue.most commonly due to antibiotic treatment required

according to studies the most common site for hairy leukoplakia is tongue, please see that if patient is immunosuppressive clinically it is a

seems to be lp

Hairy leukoplakia

it is a hairy leukoplakia

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