? Canker Sore

A 45 year old male who has had contracted COVID with SpO2 dipping below 90% and recovered fully after a period of approx 15 days Chief Complaints He complaints of swelling at inner side of lower lip from last 14 days, it settles down on kenacort ointment which he applies once daily, it aggravates on eating spicy food like lays etc He admits taking Vitamin C for a long period, and relates it to the cause of canker sore Management I have advised him following - Cap SM Fibro twice daily 1 week Oint Kenacort L/A thrice daily 1 week Cap Rapeed D OD BBF 1 week Tab Chymoral forte BD for 3 days Please give your opinions on this case




Irritated buccal mucosa because of sharp boccal surface of tooth... Because of using any smoking,tab oo,kheni on the same place repeated.. Having blood disorders.... Management.. Tab Amoxyclav 625 mg od 5 days.. Tab metrogyl 400 mg TDs. Wysolone 5 mg od 5 days.. Topical antiseptic...dologel... Tab multivitamins antioxidants trace elements, grape seed extract ginger tree extract, gingo seed extract... capsules synory od pc with mornings....

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Also exclude F.Body with granulation tissue? Folate deficiency? Canker sores are usually shallow but it looks raised funnel shaped hard structure? If it is Canker sore then yr tt is sufficient. Still if it not regress after yr tt then excision biopsy should be thinked with control of blood sugar.

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Yes nonspecific sore Continue same treatment But i would adv for antibiotics Like azithromycin500mg or clindamycin

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Its a canker sore Causes of canker sore include eating too much acidic or citrus food. Another cause wud be constant trauma. Check the patients adjacent teeth when in occlusion to see if there is trauma during occlusion. Tell him to stop taking vitamin c. Most of the cases canker sore will resolve on its own Continue with your management Tell patient to avoid spicy and oily food Use soft bristle tooth brush. Use of steroid gel can help to heal gradually If it doesn't heal than better go for biospy

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Continue Same treatment Ad H2 O2 mouth wash tds Anti inflammatory analgesics sos

Aphthous ulcer Adv Pantoprazole 40 mg once daily Metronidazole 400 mg one tablet three times a day Multivitamin supplement Local steroid gel application

Thermbotic ecchymosis

See for sharp tooth edge causing recurrent ulcers.

Canker sore . B complex. Ointment triamcinolone .

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