Carcinoma GB

There are two things we want our students to learn from the following pictures: 1. Carcinoma Gall Bladder requires an operation called a Radical Cholecustectomy. A Simple laparoscopic/open Cholecystectomy will not be enough in terms of Oncological outcomes. It is a very aggressive cancer necessitating removal of draining lymph nodes, a part of the liver adjacent to the GB fossa and sometimes even vascular resection based on involvement. 2. The resection of the liver in such surgeries follows a pattern. What you can witness in the pic is a diamond shaped hepatic resection, some advocate square resection. It's based on the comfort of the surgeon, but yes it's a lot to do with the segmental anatomy of the organ. More on CaGB in future posts. @therealfarmanali Stay well, Stay smart. #docfortmeducation #medicalmentors #medicaleducation #medicalstudents #hpbsurgery #cancersurgery