Hello sir / Madam, One patient came to me age 74 yrs with h/ o CABG 4 months back with complaints of severe weakness, nausea, trembling walk. I investigated her, found moderate hyponatremia Sr Na 126. I given slowly 3% Ns single infusion of 100 ml. With adequate oral intake. She feels better next day, Next day she was complaining of chest pain. She was admitted for 3 days with low molecular weight heparin. Was it a complication of 3% Ns. As she had chest pain.?


May I presume LMW heparin was given in the best interest of the patient n outcome. Istrogally feel in u r shoes sir at that moment. Regards.

I didn't get what u exactly say, that istrogally feel I u shoes sir at that moment.? What is real to get this?

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I thoroughly gon in the case i also didn't find it was happened in past with an evidence based studies. But my thoughts Continuously mingling on this at that time. Thanks.

It should not happen as such.

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