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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain in forearm, wrist, middle finger unable to move. Washing clothes, holding utensils, unable movement of stick in a bools etc. Chief Complaints Unbearable pain in moving hand, feverishness, sleep unable. History Lying over forearm, Spondylitis, menopausal time running. Vitals Pain in forearm and wrist for one week. Physical Examination Hard and pumpy sensation in forearm, middle finger can't straight . Wrist on toch cause pain. Fair complexion, School Clark. Investigations Blood uric acid normal, Sugar with in limit. advice X-ray, but not done. Diagnosis Carpal tunnel Syndrome ( primary stage seems ) Management Acupuncture needling start in two points Erbs and P6. Twenty minutes continuous frequency total relief in two days .


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be treated by Acupuncture.

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Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Very Very Nice Informative Helpful Post Doctor. The relationship between work and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is unclear. Positions of Extreme Wrist Flexion and Extension are known to increase Pressures with in the Carpal Canal and apply Pressure on the Nerve. this is Particularly true with repetitive strain injury to the wrist. intensity, Frequency,and duration of work activity and their relationship to Carpal tunnel Syndrome on Unclear. Thanks,

Rx Galo ghan tab 1bd Ashwgandha tab 2bd Rasnadi guggul 2bd SH tab 1bd with milk, locally, Mahanarayan oil 5min malish and 10min sved. Bonny oil for local pain relief. sos.

Bryonia Q 10 drops tds

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For CTS Hypericum Ruta Causticum Plumb met Calc flor indicated medicine


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Intraarticular inj depoperidol 40mg tab durapain od cap omez d od tab meconerve psr hs for 7 days and wear cts splint

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Rhus tox30ch thrice a day Cal phos200ch daily one dose

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be treated by Acupuncture.

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