Case duscusdion

14 year old male Chief Complaints H/o facial puffiness,pedal edema and abdominal distension since 3 days Vitals PR-80/min,RR-16/min,Bp-130/90 mm hg Diagnosis Suggest further investigation and treatment Lab Report LFT NORMAL,HB 14 gm%,blood urea 43,serum creatinine normal,urine routine normal




Since liver function test is normal. Renal function test normal too. No protienuria n haematuria in urine. U have successfully ruled out renal n hepatic cause. Now u can look for cardiac causes of edema. R/o lymphedema too.

As it’s acute h/,with high BP( normal should be 110/70 c range 10 mm),blood urea^^, I feel it’s Acute nephritis, First bring his BP downwards,slowly./Rest/Input-Output chart/Antibiotics/ Adv.Electrolytes estimation,( ??hyponatremis/hyperkalemia/mild metabolic acidosis) Once again send Urinalysis +sr.Creatinine

AGN- urine albumin test for 3 consecutive days. Input/ output charting. Can start enalapril if BP is continuously high

Get USG abdomen pelvis or CT abdomen Urine analysis again Serum protien and electrolytes Acute glomerular nephritis

Acute glomerular nephritis fluid restrictions low Salt diet anti hypertensive drugs

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