Case duscusdion

14 year old male Chief Complaints H/o facial puffiness,pedal edema and abdominal distension since 3 days Vitals PR-80/min,RR-16/min,Bp-130/90 mm hg Diagnosis Suggest further investigation and treatment Lab Report LFT NORMAL,HB 14 gm%,blood urea 43,serum creatinine normal,urine routine normal




Since liver function test is normal. Renal function test normal too. No protienuria n haematuria in urine. U have successfully ruled out renal n hepatic cause. Now u can look for cardiac causes of edema. R/o lymphedema too.

As it’s acute h/,with high BP( normal should be 110/70 c range 10 mm),blood urea^^, I feel it’s Acute nephritis, First bring his BP downwards,slowly./Rest/Input-Output chart/Antibiotics/ Adv.Electrolytes estimation,( ??hyponatremis/hyperkalemia/mild metabolic acidosis) Once again send Urinalysis +sr.Creatinine

Get USG abdomen pelvis or CT abdomen Urine analysis again Serum protien and electrolytes Acute glomerular nephritis

AGN- urine albumin test for 3 consecutive days. Input/ output charting. Can start enalapril if BP is continuously high

Acute glomerular nephritis fluid restrictions low Salt diet anti hypertensive drugs

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