Case of Chest pain

A 65 year old male presented to OPD with complaints of chest pain left sided from 4 am today He adds that he had similar epispode 2 days back too Vitals BP - 159/100mmHg PR - 80/min Management Please give your valubale opinion that whether it shluld be treated on line of angina case?



At present ECG is normal,but considering the age of pt -65 must b treated as Angina. Do have TMT Lipid profile 2D echo.

ECG sinus rhythm,poor r progression . pl control bp and investigate further cxr pa view, bsf,,pp,lipid profile, TMT,2DECHO.

Normal ecg Hypertensive Start betablocker Aspirin 75 Ppi If settle down then no investigation Otherwise do 2 decho Stress test

Treat on line of angina Consult cardiologist

Appears NAD

Thanks Dr. Pushker Bhomia

Sinus Rhythm High voltage

Rx Cilacar Tc BD Isordil 5 SOS on chest pain Adv CBC Lipid profile Refer Cardiologist....

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