Generalized Lymphadenopathy

Case of Generalized Lymphadenopathy under Ix with Suspected SVC syndrome. Chief Complaints A 56 yr old male has come with neck swelling and rt upper limb swelling for past 5 months. Associated Hoarseness of voice and sob. No history of fever, cough, chest pain, wt loss, evening rise of temp or sweating. No significant past history, No HTN, T2DM, Thyroid disorder, substance abuse etc. On Examination pt had facial flushing with enlarged neck with rt upper limb pitting edema. Lymph nodes of Anterior triangle, posterior triangle were enlarged on both sides, enlarged axillary lymph nodes on both sides and same for inguinal lymph nodes. Lymph nodes were solid, matted, immobile, non tender and no raised temp or skin changes. Superficial vessels were prominent over chest and abdomen with direction of flow downwards. Usg of neck was done suggesting similar features. Blood reports for routine Ix are normal except raised ESR. Pt is covid neg. I have advised Lymph node biopsy and CT thorax and Abdomen.


Generalised lymphadenopathy Causes can be Acute myeloblastic leukemia Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Lymphoma Tuberculosis Niemen pick disease Gaucher's disease Hiv Syphilis Gross venous engorgement and swelling of right upper limb indicate subclavian vein and superior Vena Cava thrombosis CT venography, Doppler study may help in diagnosis

FNAC and if required HP investigation of the growth. ? Lymphadenitis Koch's . ? Thyroiditis ?. Check Thyroid profile.

Lymphadenopathy compression of SVC Yes i agree with your observation of SVC syndrome R/o malignancy ALL AML HODGKIN'S

Thanx dr Ashutosh Ashutosh Chandan Dubey

Adv HRCT thorax to see for extension. Sos guided biopsy HPE to conclude.

Review with thyroid function tests, biopsy of lymph nodes and CECT Thorax plus abdomen

Lymphadenopathy may pratishyaya chikitsa is given