Case of Hypertension

A 65 years old female presented to OPD with complaints of vertigo, headache which was her first visit presentation Subsequent visit her BP is still not under control Vitals BP - 181/98 Pulse - 88 Investigations Cxr, ECG awaited Management She was started on - Telmisartan 40+ Cilnidipine 10+ CH 12.5 OD, Arkamin 0.1 at bedtime, Bio D3 max OD, Vit D3 60k weekly, On today's visit she adds to having dyspnea on exertion,I have changed her treatment to following, kindly give your opinion- Telmisartan 40+ Cilnidipine 10+ CH 12.5 OD, Tab Cilnidipine 10mg OD night, Tab Bisoprolol 2.5mg OD, Vit D3, Rosuvas F 10 at bedtime(Mixed Dyslipidemia) PPI Look forward to hear about your opinion



I think such cases must be seen by Cardiologist. Here it looks some chambers pathology involved. To access kind of hypertension Renal function must be taken in consideration.. Manage for 2D Echo cardiography.. Consult cardiologist if any abnormality is defected.

I agree

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Sir please change telmisartan put on azilsartan+chlorthalidone and dytor plus 20/50 Parzosin is best choice Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. For vertigo put on betahistine Headache because of f hypertension May use tab ketorolac 10mg

Lvh due to hyprte ntio n Do 2 decho ecg Opinion of cardiologist Serum creatinine

cardiac colour Doppler and angiography Lipid profile KFT Cardiologist can manage properly

Diziran D tab losar h tab sorbitrate tab Koktel women cap meto XL25 tab

CST,adv USG WA with KUB region, CXR PA view,renal artery sonography

Echo S creatinin Urine r&m Why not to increase dose of Telmi to 80 bd?

Restrict salt consumption

Kindly add on aspirin 150 mg od

Stopp finofibrate

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