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Patient age 50male Patient suffer from sinusitis from about 25yrs he is under my treatment from about 6month& he is feeling well during my treatment,but in last month he consult E.N.T.surg.&take allopathic treatment about 1 month ,after his treatment he again consult I take his history again-- Details given-@ Breathlessness<1-2am, suffocating feeing>going out side & walking in open air. Loose cough,whitish-yellowish sputam on morning Watery eyes& heaviness feeling in both eyes Headache - whole head, bodyache Ear-yellowish watery discharges from both ear & deafness mild, from about 20 yrs. Thirst normal Perspiration+++ Desire for salt& sweets both Sensitive to atmosphere Appetite normal Attached c.t.scan report. Request for opinions &prescription.


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Kindly read - Ars.iod Ambrosia.A

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Kindly read - Ars.iod Ambrosia.A

Rx Antimiasmatic TT . There are multiple layers of Miasm like an Onion. So finally get Similimum.

Ars alb 200


I seems that he has heart problems and cataract and nasal deviation so need further symptoms collection, other wise surgery is useful may homoeopathicaly apply Kali Iod it can cure but again it may come due to nasal deviation.

Ars alb

I agree with Dr. Saini ji but prefer to give a dose of Kali sukh 1m.

Desires open air.Ear discharge think of pulsatilla..Inflamed sinuses.rx Natrum mur..Hepar

Nitric acid 200 single dose. Arsenic alb is complementary.

Think about Kali Group

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