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Patient age 50male Patient suffer from sinusitis from about 25yrs he is under my treatment from about 6month& he is feeling well during my treatment,but in last month he consult E.N.T.surg.&take allopathic treatment about 1 month ,after his treatment he again consult I take his history again-- Details given-@ Breathlessness<1-2am, suffocating feeing>going out side & walking in open air. Loose cough,whitish-yellowish sputam on morning Watery eyes& heaviness feeling in both eyes Headache - whole head, bodyache Ear-yellowish watery discharges from both ear & deafness mild, from about 20 yrs. Thirst normal Perspiration+++ Desire for salt& sweets both Sensitive to atmosphere Appetite normal Attached c.t.scan report. Request for opinions &prescription.


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Kindly read - Ars.iod Ambrosia.A

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Rx Antimiasmatic TT . There are multiple layers of Miasm like an Onion. So finally get Similimum.

I agree with Dr. Saini ji but prefer to give a dose of Kali sukh 1m.

Kindly read - Ars.iod Ambrosia.A

Pulsatilla30 bd Kali bich 30 bd Belladona 30 (sos)


Ars alb 200

Ars alb

Nitric acid 200 single dose. Arsenic alb is complementary.

Kali bi 200 / 3dose Puls 30

Rx Hepar sulph, Kali Bich

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