Cattle,anorectic since 10 days, started voiding black colour diarrhoea since 3 days, dehydrated, sunken and dry eyes. WHAT ARE DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSES ? (any more info needed please comment)



This could be a case of abomasal ulcer. do confirm with occult blood test. bleeding abomasal ulcers could be either theileriosis associated or dietary origin. attempt can be made with ranitidine, ruminal buffering agents, limited quantity of iv fluids and antibiotics. avoid antiinflammatory. prolonged stasis of dung in intesitine can also come out like this black but foul smelling diarrhoea. needs history of defecation.

avoid antiinflammatory.. why?

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it might be case of poisoning caused ratpoisoning agent which is kept control rats and street dog people kept this poison in snacks (oil cooked snacks esp in bonda of tamilnadu)items which are accidentaly intaked by ruminats rat poisons intervene with blood clotting mech and may cause this type bleeding disorder possible do pm if it is bc of rat poisoning we cant save the animal bc of bulk rumen poison distribution in larger area compare to simple stomach animal pm petichae all over body

Fecal examination for worm infestation must be fallowed, Foregion body examination must be fallowed, Fecal examination for protozoa and pathogenic bacteria must tract out, Till confirmation InjaAmoxirum fort 3gi/m For 3days Inj Chromosatate 15ml I /m Inj R L1lit slow I v InjAtropin 10ml I've may be try Neblon powder 50gbid given

Exat ...Right sir

this disease called JIJUNUM HAEMORRHAGIC SYN or DEAD GUT DISEASES.this is caused by variety or organism.mainly E.coli ,staphylo,strepto and some others.this diseases is still in research.treatment iv fluids inj.enro,tribivet and cpm.flunixin used for endo early stages recovery is unevenful.but this stage prognosis grave

sir... black discoloration of dung signifies presence of acid hematin. Moreover JHS is a serious issue and reported frequenty from temperate countries. I do not think there is confirmed reports of JHS from india and elsewhere in tropical zone.

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blAckish blood may be due to bleeding happen in rumenreticulum and abomasum get digested in abomassal juice and causing blackish diahorrea my wild guess

ekalus rat poisoning in calf reported by my coligue today responded to atrophine saved 1 animal among 4 victim spasmolytic agent and anticoagulant drug used for ectoparasiticide

plasma volume expander +blood transfusion+removal of poison from rumen by rumenotomy total gut replacement may help highly impossible in field

What is the report of F/S exam?Rumen fluke_Amphistome sp is also doing same problem. Fluid I/v route,Bloatinorm bolus,anthelmentics With B-complex may be considered .

Check urethra is inflammed or not

Seems to be a case of anaplasmosis. Please do hematological examination. The black discoloration is probably due to abomasal ulcers. Treatment includes parenteral fluids and oxytetracycline@10 mg/ kg body weight

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