CAUSES OF SECONDARY AMENORRHEA. DISORDERS ASSOCIATED WITH LOW OR NORMAL FSH : 66 % of cases . 1. Weight loss /Anorexia. 2. Chronic Anovulation including PCOS 3. Hypothyroidism. 4. Cushing syndrome. 5. Pituitary tumor , empty sella syndrome. Sheehan syndrome. DISORDERS ASSOCIATED WITH HIGH FSH. 12 % of cases. 1. 46,XX spontaneous POF. 2. POF due to abnormal karyotype ( 45,X mosaic / ring chromosome ). 3. Pure gonadal dysgenesis. 4. Hyperprolactinaemia. 5. Asherman syndrome. DISORDERS ASSOCIATED WITH HYPERANDROGE- NISM : 1. PCOS. 2. Ovarian tumor. 3. Non classical CAH. IATROGENIC. 1. Anti psychotics. 2. Cancer chemotherapy. 3. Anti depressants. 4. Anti hypertensive.



Very important information about secondary amenorrhea by our respected Madam Suvarchala ji.Thanks a lot Madam ,But for rural practitioners,five points are very important in the management of Secondary Amenorrhea.Start from basics :-Secondary Amenorrhea is defined as Amenorrhea of six months duration in a woman with previous normal menstrual patterns in the absence of pregnancy and lactation .Now we will come to 5 basic points :- 1.Is the patient pregnant. 2.Is there clinical evidence of oestrogen deficiency. 3.Is her serum prolactin level elevated . 4. Is it premature menopause . 5. What are levels of her serum FSH and LH .And never forget to rule out Anaemia and vicarious menstruation . If still in doubt then read the article by Madam Suvarchala ji .rajesh gopal.


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Here's another wonderful presentation which is very much useful. Thanks a lot @Dr. Suvarchala Pratap for sharing the useful post.

I think hyperprolactinoma & Asherman syndrome results in with hypo gonadotropic/normal gonadotropic sec.Amenorrhea but not with Hyper gonadotropic conditions.

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