Good evening Curofians, RECENT ADVANCE IN ABDOMINAL WALL AND HERNIA SURGERY. Mosquito netting for hernia repair in resource-limited countries. [February 2016] Mesh placement is a standard component of inguinal and femoral hernia repair. High cost of commercial meshes,has restricted their use in resource-limited settings. In a randomized trial conducted in Uganda, sterilized mosquito netting was used as  surgical mesh during open inguinal hernia repairs. Use of this low-cost alternative resulted in similar rates of hernia recurrence and postoperative complications as standard commercial mesh, while costing significantly less [<1 vs 125 US dollars per patient]. Results suggest a creative approach for improving surgical outcomes at minimal cost in resource limited countries.  Revered and respected General surgeons in particular and other Specialists in general, what are your opinions and views regarding the same. Thanks, Best regards. [Credit :]


Wonderful update Dr Kazi. Replacement of sterilised mosquito net in place of commercial mesh in inguinal and femoral hernia repair is really unbelievable. A large randomised clinical trial conducted by Karolinska institutet in Sweden and Ugandan Makerer university used sterilised mosquito nets in place of commercial mesh showed wonderful results in hernial repair. This study was published in NEJM Postoperative complications, recurrence, and patient satisfaction are more or less same in both . Only one patient had recurrence of hernia with mosquito net. Nearly 40000 people around the world suffering from life threatening complications and mortality ,with out surgery in inguinal hernia. Hernial surgery is the most common surgery throughout the world. I think this is not practising in India. Our surgeons should reveal the fact. Thanks for sharing the recent advance in hernial surgery. If this is done in India, lot of poor patients will be benefitted . .
In early eighties I used to dermatoplasty, when the meshes were not available and the material used for repair was only black silk. I used take the the full thickness skin from the groin area only , put in to hot saline ,to peel of the dermis ,and cover the defect. I used to have good results. Now coming to mosquito net, if it is bio compatible, doesn't raise medical negligence and consumer redressalcases it can definitely be considered.
Nice information about using nylon net for repairs of hernia. Already many of the surgeons use fishing nylon for suturing sheaths as well as skin with out any complications. Very good idea sir.
Sorry to peeloff the epidermis to prevent the chances of developing epidermoid cyst in the future.
Very useful for patients in a poor country like India.Its cost is negligible.
very nice and informative articles Thanks dr.
Dr net is made up of cotton /nylon??
Dear Aradhna net is made of nylon.
Thank you Sir nice information
nice and useful article
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