A 24 year old woman has been breastfeeding for 2 months. She now presents with a painful, red mass in the lower outer quadrant of her left breast.What is the likely diagnosis? What advice would you give her about breast feeding? and share your views on the management..


Mastitis is the inflammation of breast tissue mainly the milk glands,. infection might be insufficient evacuation of milk ,or entry of bacteria through sore milk. Treatment is frequently evacuation of milk using breast pump. 2. Abs started, cap augmentin,625mg , Tab emanzen D bd., analgesics. 3. Hot water fomentation. 4. If not subsided, go for incision and drainage, 5. Need aspirations. 6. There is no contraindications for breast feeding after I&D
This is breast abscess. The causative agent is typically S aureus which enters breast tissue through a milk duct or cracking in the nipple. Normally occurs 3 to 8 wks post delivery.usually starts with mastitis. Treatment of lactation abscess may involve surgical incision and drainage.Needle aspiration and antibiotics for minimum 10 to 14 days.mild tted with antibiotics and needle aspiration if abscess more than 5 cm I/D is reqd.As long as site of abscess is away from aerola or nipple she can continue to nurse the child.
Impending breast abscess. Hot fomentation. Infrared if available Start higher antibiotics covering gram + & gram - ve Antiinflammatory Antioxidants Evacuation of breast milk If abscess forms then I& d of the abscess in the most dependent portion ( lowest ) Proper evacuation of all pockets. A D dressings with ab ointment like metro+ providine.
First of it is a right breast. Abscess requiring incision and drainage under cover of antibiotics like amoxycillin and clavulenic acid , analgesics etc. Cleaning and Dressings. Breast feeding continued from other breast till no local surrounding infection.
I agree with Dr Gopala Vanaja. It is breast abcess , treat is proper I/D &dressings. After I/D BREAST feeding can be continued under coverage of ANTIBIOTIC.
abscess needs IV antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs, hot fomentation.frequent extraction of milk n throw that milk.later if required I n D.
Breast abscess
I I Breast abscess which needs immediate I/dundee aseptic precautions undercover the short anaesthesia!! Two incisions apart for good drainage dressed leaving the nipple for feeding!! cleanliness of nipple breastfeeding encouraged!! antibiotics be given!!
Breast abcess,immediate I&D,start on augmetin 375 tid orally,open dressing,dont feed the baby till infection regresses,express milk out,breast is only area you should never wait till abcess is formed or fluctuation
Either developing or already developed breast abscess. Simply amniotics may not suffice. She needs urgent incision and drainage with daily dressing regularly for two weeks at least. Feeding may be continued.
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