Acute Injury

swelling in rt side of wrist join after falling in Road pain during touch pls suggest Medicine immediately



Advise for X Ray first Give him Analgesics now
Thank you doctor
Give rest for hand .Nagaradi churnam ext;aplication .Dhanwantharam kashayam with Tab; Yogarajagulggulu two times and Gndhathailam one teaspoon two times, all hand movement restricted for three months
Firstly do an X- ray to rule out fracture .Rx- Arnica 200 1 dose , followed by Ruta 30. 3 hourly.
Arnica 200 Repeat 4hrly 5 drops Hypericum 30 2 drop TDS
Rhus tox 200 1 dose Arnica 30 tid/5days
Arnica 1 m single dose Rhus tox 30
Rx- Symphytom is good remedy
Required x-ray
Hypericum 200
Arnica 1M
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