42 years old female developed this type of skin since 15 days.she is a Shepherd by occupation.please diagnose and suggest treatment.

Superlficial Keratolytic Dermatophyte INFECTION I%Lulliconazole ointment topical
Thanq sir
Kindly rule out leprosy
Thanq for Dr.
Use forever alovera gel 50 ml morning empty stomach and 50 ml evening after meal Forever alovera gelly morning and evening Forever bee propolis cream morning and evening ..
Have to rule out Hansen’s disease. May be eczema, Tinea.  Examine for Cutaneous sensation, examine for thickening of nerve, biopsy.
Very beneficial I have used these products for psoriasis I got amazing results.i Alovera is the best solution for skin problems
Treat this with homeopathic drops Adel 12 & 20 within 2days u will get the result
Solar dermatitis.. Local emmolients with reduced exposure to sun will help
Apart from this use forever avocado soap don't use any ordinary soap
T c tab fiuconazol of for 10d tab levocetrizen of Lupiderm GM oint
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