Remnants of gutta-percha in the middle third of the canal

15 y/o boy presented with the complaint of pain and pus discharge from upper front teeth for the past 6 weeks. Dental history revealed that the patient had sustained a trauma 10 years back for which he had underwent endodontic intervention. On examination, 21 was tender to palpation and percussion. There was an associated intraoral draining sinus. IOPA X-ray revealed gross destruction of the coronal one-third and remnants of gutta-percha in the middle third of the canal. After modification of the access opening, entry was gained into the root canal. In spite of all the efforts, the gutta-percha could not be recovered. What next should be done?


Thorough debridement of the canal with hypo followed by triple antibiotic paste should be given for a follow up of 3 weeks.. if asymptomatic obturation should be done else surgical intervention for retrograde removal of gp with curettage of periapical area should be done
It can be left in situ, retrograde retrieval is another option. Treat the tooth with Metapex, or MTA for periapical pathology.
@Munish Kumar right
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