Role of Ayurveda in treating Covid-19

with pranayama,we can clean our prana vaha srotas, our respiratory system and it will give us a boosting of energy so that we can keep away the virus. Another interesting health supporting practice is to do some yogasana -- camel pose, cobra pose, cow pose, boat, bow, and bridge pose, locust, lotus, and lion pose. If you think that is too complicated, just do Surya Namaskar. For Surya Namaskar, do a minimum of 7 rounds and a maximum of 12 rounds. We do 7 rounds because there are seven dhātus (bodily tissues). There are 12 important poses in Surya Namaskar. So, do 12 or 7 Surya Namaskar and then do pranayama and then sit for meditation,For meditation you can do So’Hum meditation. For this, sit quietly in lotus pose, siddhasana pose (accomplished) or sahajasana pose (easy), and inhale with the sound “so” in your mind and exhale with the sound “hum”. This is a great opportunity. When you do this So’Hum meditation, you will flower the inner joy, the inner beauty. Then sit quietly and feel your presence. Your easeness is awareness. And that awareness is Sat Chit Anand. Sat means truth  Chit means Awareness  And Ananda means joy

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Dear Dr. Minhaj Ahmed, सो हम् ध्यान बहुत फायदेमंद है ।
Thank you doctor