Cerebral Palsy

The boy can not walk or Speak and not passes urine or stool by self help.The boy from birth CP patient. Can't cry after birth his mother said. Chief Complaints The boy can't sit, stand, walk or speak. History Baby not cry after birth. Aloepathic & Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine taken 11 years no improvement, His mother said . No medicine not take now. Drulling saliva from mouth. If not pull to sit he can't sit self. Can't passes urine or stool by self help or can't speak or signed. Vitals CT scan delayed child, pons are not devolop. Physical Examination By touch foul odor in his body, can't move side wise self or sit down or go to back posture. But devolopment his body ok. Investigations EEG shows normal study ! Diagnosis Cerebral Palsy ( delayed baby !) Management Acupuncture start after few days he can self sit from lying posture. After few months his mother said that his hand is so powerful that he killed a mid age goat by holding in two hand, I astonished. Later he can eat food by hand when hungry and move sideways by jumping. Then speak mono sealable 'ma' and 'na'. He can walk holding his mother, his mother said. But last week he can stand without holding anything . This work done by only Scalp needling, and lumber point stimulation.



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