Cervical Cancer - Risk, Diagnosis, & Manifestation

Cervical cancer disproportionately affects women in developing countries, which have no effective screening systems. Cervical cancer is an important cause of early loss of life as it affects relatively young women. Please share your thoughts on the risks, screening, and diagnosis of cervical cancer



Cervical cancer is much common in developing countries,major risk is HPV massive infection especially cigarette smoking women& sexually transmitting diseases Regular scanning pap staining, biopsy, con biopsy .Survival depends upon stage of the disease stage 1 -80 to 90% survival 5 year maximum mortality is in stage 4 Proper awareness, regular scanning is must for prevention cervical cancer deaths

Comprehensive observations and informative , awareness and education and seriousness of govt efforts and community participation will reduce deaths considerably.

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Cervical cancer is increasing because of life style change in young girls, std specially HPV, lack of awareness, delay in detection. Need of hour education regarding genital hygiene, regular early detection camps and proper therapy from village level on wards.

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