Cervical growth

56 yr old female with cervical growth Chief Complaints History of heaviness in lower abdomen History Perimenopausal women came with complaints of heaviness in lower abdomen since 4 months. No other complaints . Regular cycles. Vitals Vitals stable. Physical Examination Per abdomen. Sof ...no mass palpable. Per speculum examination revealed a fleshy growth arising from cervix at 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock position. On pv examination same growth felt extending in upper 1/3 rd of vagina and creating a ring of constriction of vagina circumferentially with parametrial infiltration. Investigations Colposcopy revealed growth in same area..no other abnormality Diagnosis Clinically Ca cervix stage 2 b Management This is importance of detailed perspeculum examination in women reaching menopause



Biopsy HP Mri Opinion of oncogynaec 2 nd stage ca cervix Ca125 cae

Probably CA cx Biopsy to confirm diagnosis Consult oncologist

It's sad state of affairs. Ideally with routine screening this patient should have been picked up at pre invasive stage. But now as it is stage 2b, she. Needs concurrent chemo-radioation. There is absolutely no role of surgery at this stage.

Biopsy for cancer If postive refer oncologist

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