Cervical Spondylosis c4 to c7

75/Female.Diabetic with history of severe pain in the cervical region radiating to upper arms. attached Xray opinion on Xray

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Vertebral lesthiasis at c1c2 Anterior ligament ossification Reduced articular space bet c5c6 C6C7 Grossly degenerative changes are seen Severe cervical spondylitis with radiculopathy

Thanx dr Sachin Kale

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Loss of cervical lordosis, paraspinal muscle spasm Narrowing of IVD space between C5 and 6 Bridging Osteophytes Cervical spondylosis with root compression

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Cervical degenerative disc disease with radiculopathy Analgesics Muscle relaxants Calcium vitD Gabapentin will help Soft cervical collar Isometric neck exercises

Radiculopathy.. Nerve root compression due to cervical spondylosis, which  usually occurs at the C5 to C7 levels, although higher levels can also be affected..

Cervical Spondylosis

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Spondylosis,disc prolapse and anterior ligament calcification

Cervical spondylosis


Cervical. Spondylosis...following rootz compression.

Cervical spondylosis c1 c3 Mri spine Osteophytes seen Physiotherapy C traction Myoril 8 mg bd Dubinor hs

Spondylisis, IVD space between C5-6 reduced

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