Cervical spondylosis exercises??



*Isometric exercises of neck flexors, extensors and side flexors *Chin tucking for 15 repetition * Stretching of Scapula retractors, protractors, levator scapulae, trapezius, sternocledomstoid muscles * Elastic band or theraband exercises * Active Movements of neck followed by active resisted exercises * Pillow press or Swiss ball press in sitting or supine lying

- Bend your head forward untill you feel a stretch behind your neck.Holda pprox 10 sec. _Bend your head head backward as as far as co fortable.Hold approx 10 sec. -Turn your head to one side untill you feel a stretch.Hold approx 10 sec. -Bend your head forward untill you feel a stretch behind your neck.Gently pull you head further forward.Hold approx 10 sec. -Press the roll into the floor by using your neck muscles (lying on your back on the floor with a roll under your neck).

- Lateral flexon - Isometric Neck Side Flexor - Isometric Neck Flexor - Isometric Neck Extensor - Shoulder Rolls - Neck Rotation - Neck Flexion - Neck Side Rotation - Neck Glide - Neck Shrugs - Foward Stretching - Lateral Stretching - Foward & Backward Resistance - Lateral Stretching

-Neck isometric -Chintuk -Movement with mobilization -Manual traction hold with 30sec (start with 3 sets) -Neck extension -Side flexion -Rotation -Strengthening for upper trapezius muscle -Neck stretching

Cervical ROM, Static Neck Exercises, Shoulder girdle exercises.

Isometric neck exercise

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