35Y F interpret x-ray

A 35 years old Pt.claims lower back pain last few months radiating left lower limb She feel difficulty in daily routine work . Here is her x-ray Please give your valuable opinions

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Joint space reduce L4-L5. Check with sciatica special test. If it should positive then go for following exercises:- Stretching for lower limbs Nerve stretch Nerve flossing Back core exercise:-( crook lying) - static back, abs, glutei & adductors Lower limb strengthening - SLR -SLE Static quads - static glutei -extension exercise -prone on elbow progress to prone on hand Trunk rotation in supine Cat & camel exercise Static glutei in prone lying Ergonomic advice. Based on working area & occupation.
X-Ray seems normal Need further evaluation by special tests MRI for confirm diagnosis
Xray is normal. Please clinically examine muscle tightness and posture.
1.Para Spinal Muscle Release.. 2. TENS 3. Chan Gun Approch for Radiculopathy ( Dry Needling) 4. Neural Tissue Mobilisation 5. Nerve flossing exercise after control on muscle spasm and pain ( Pain Score below 5 VAS)
Possible L5/S1 degenerative disc disease with radiculopathy MRI will confirm Analgesics Muscle relaxants Gabapentin will help Lumbosacral corset Intermittent pelvic traction in physiotherapy
Xray is normal adv mri to findout radicular nerve compression diag lt sciatica start nsaid and pregabilin and methylcobalamine