1 mth Fch....having this lesion for 3 days... Dx and Mm??


Umblical Granuloma Chemical cautrization Copper sulphate or silver nitrate Sprinkle common salt over it
Suggestive of umbilical granuloma, treatment would be chemical or diathermy cauterisation.
Umbilical granuloma Silver nitrate stick application Cauterisation if not treated
Umbilical cyst with sand paper rash Plz r/o streptococcal infection
Umbllical hernia with polyp, advised surgery sos after five years.
Umbilical granuloma.cuso4 cauterisation R/O PATENT URACHUS
Umbilical granuloma... Rx--- common salt application..
Umbilical granuloma. Silver nitrate stick application
Umbilical granuloma. Application of salt to lesion.
Umblical Granuloma If discharge then urachal cyst
No discharge

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