A 24-year-old man is bought in from a night club intoxicated, vomiting and complaining of severe upper abdominal and retrostemal chest pain. He had been on a stag night and had been drinking all day. He started vomiting 2 hours after a curry and the pain commenced acutely shortly afterwards. His friends called an ambulance 2 hours later as he was in too much pain to continue the bar crawl, On examination, his pulse was 130 bpm, his respiratory rate was 30 bpm and his blood pressure 90/60 mmHg. What is the diagnosis ? A) Acute Cholecystitis B) Acute pancreatitis C) Boerhaave's Syndrome D) Perforated peptic ulcer E) Ruptured aortic aneurysm

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C.) Boerhaav syndrome.(oesophageal rupture,)
C ) Boerhaave's syndrome...
C boerhaaves syndrome
C) Boerhaave's syndrome
Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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C May may be B
D(perforated peptic ulcer)
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