Influenza in DIabetic patients

Quantifying the impact of influenza in diabetics patients:- Retrospective cohort analysis of a US health plan offering a digital wellness platform connecting wearable devices capable of tracking steps, sleep, and heart rate. For the 2016-17 influenza season, the study compared 54 656 adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) to 113 016 non-DM controls. Medical claims were used to define cohorts and identify influenza events and outcomes. People with diabetes who had influenza experienced 74% more abnormal glycemic events. Influenza also increased rates of pneumonia (7.4 fold), ischemic heart disease (1.6 fold) and negatively impacts daily activities compared to controls. aFlu event determined by International Classification of Disease [ICD]-9/10 diagnosis codes) bPeri-flu period two weeks before and four weeks after flu diagnosis In a device wearing subcohort, daily activities of people with diabetes were also impacted with 10 000 fewer steps surrounding the influenza event.

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