Charak series chapter -1 ( sutrasthana ) deergha jivitiya adhyaya respected

CHARAK SERIES Chapter -1 ( SUTRASTHANA ) Deergha Jivitiya Adhyaya Respected Vaidyas, Welcome !! All, to again on this Series. Glad to represent the today's discussion about " Sad Padarth Vijnanam " ( Knowledge about 6 objects described in Ayurveda). Before going into detail discussion on this " Philosophical Subject" , I express my pleasure to all my readers for their active participation with great enthusiasm and side by side again requesting all to participate in greater quantities ,So the motive of this untired efforts of this guy become fruitful. .............RECAP............... Let us recapitulate our memory , till now what we dicuss on this forum - 1. Justification behind the naming of the chapter and why it stood first ? 2. Necessity of Descendance of Ayurveda to this Earth due to appearances of Roga( Disease) 3. The whole Descendance process of Ayurveda and the active role of " Saint Bharadwaj". 4. Transfer of Knowledge of Ayurveda in the form of TRISUTRA ( HETU, LINGA, AUSHADHA ) and it's corelation with the Preventive and Curative aspects of Ayurveda. 5. Detailed simplified description about TRISUTRA with WHY,WHAT & HOW respectively and understanding the disease procedure with its Pathophysiology and method of treatment in Ayurveda. 6. The role of SAINT BHARADWAJ in the spreading of Knowledge of Ayurveda and the divine qualities of a TRUE VAIDYA with living examples of BHARADWAJ. .............TODAY'S DISCUSSION............ 1. Brief knowledge of 6 vital Padarthas ( Padasya Artha I.e. the valuable knowledge gained by 5 sense organs )described in Ayurveda and approved by Darshan Shastras ( Vaishesik Darshan and Nyaya Darshan ) -------- " Maharshaya Te Dadrushuh Yathavat Jnanchakshusha. Samanyam cha Vishesham cha Gunan Dravyani Karma Cha. Samavayam Cha, Tat jnatwa Tantroktam Vidhimaasthitah. Lebhire paramam Shaman Jivitam cha api Anitwaram." --------- After getting and realising the knowledge received from Saint Bharadwaj, the highly intellect Sages further analysing the TRISUTRA by Jnanachakshu ( means repeated self annalysation, discussion). They found the TRISUTRA Ayurveda will be more simplified by means of ----- 1. SAMANYA ( Common i.e of Same Category ) 2. VISHESHA ( Uncommon i.e. of different Category ) 3. GUNA ( Quality ) 4. DRAVYA ( Object / Substance ) 5. KARMA ( Action) 6. SAMAVAYA ( Inseparable Relation ) i.e. These 6 Padarthas are helpful for the sense organs to describe their particular mode of action. It means the TRISUTRA Ayurveda can be more acceptable and adoptable by means of these 6 Padarthas. ---------- This is the most difficult question , how this 6 Padarthas help in getting the Utilisation part of TRISUTRA Ayurveda ????? ----------- We have to discuss this in next portions of this series,so be Patient and a watchful learner. After getting the knowledge of these 6 Padarthas , the intellect Sages were more concentrated and developed cent percent belief on The " Ayurveda Tantra ". After development of cent percent belief, they utilised the knowledge on themselves and accordingly advised to the needy, finally achieved " The greatest happiness of being healthy and increased their life span i.e. got " Anaswar Aayu " means they become immortal by means of their knowledge becomes immortal i.e. " Jnanasya Nasti Mrutyu ". -- There is no death of Knowledge , henceforth they become Immortal. !!!! Astu !!!! Today's topic is hard enough and I have tried my best and on next series these queries will be become more clarified by living examples. Hope all will enjoy the article !! Hope all participate with more enthusiasm!! ...................... PRECAP. ............................ Tomorrow we will discuss about " Atryea School of Medicine " and in next series we will go into the depth of these 6 Padarthas and their utilisation to clarify the " TRISUTRA" . Now is the time to give rest my mind and pen. Thanks , With Regards, Vaidya Niranjan Ram



For example To create a Pot ( Kaarya) We need Wheel potter and clay (Karanas).. When pot is ready, wheel and potter are not there but Clay is always present in that pot... So the clay is Samavayi karana for the pot.. Such as yarn is samavayi karan of cloth.. Samavayi means inseperable and interrelated.. @Dr. Hemant Adhikari @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir.. Correct me if i am wrong... Thank you... in advance

Thanks sir... For quoting such beautiful example

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@Dr. Aditya ,@Dr. Devender Kamboj ,@Dr. Himanshu Verma ,@Dr. Yogeshkumar Manani ,@Dr. Sukrant Sharma ,@Dr. Yogesh Jatav ,@Dr. Aniket J ,@Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mallick ,@Dr. Jamil Ahmed ,@Dr. Shukla Vikram @Dr. M V Subramanyam ,@Dr. P. G. Shah ,@Dr. Kartik Kota Sirs and @Dr. Kasi Harika ,@Dr. Sonali Agashe ,@Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni ,@Dr. Ismat Zahra ,@Dr. Archana ,@Dr. Komal Patil Maams And dear@Vikas Rathod ,@Chhavi Rosha Kindly go through the today's presentation and submit your valuable suggestions.

No additions. Fantastic presentation Dear Niranjan

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Excellent post.... @Dr. Niranjan Ram Sir, Please explain the Samvayi Sambandha of Dravya - Karma..... It will help the Students, I found it very difficult to grasp in my UG Padartha class...

Sure Sir I must touch these doubts and try to describe very minutely with simplicity@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir.

@Dr. Niranjan Ram Sir. Very well explained. Very simple yet powerful translation. I am so happy that I studied Sanskrit in school and that is helping me understand what you write more easily. Thank you Sir. Out of these 6 Padarthas, is/are there any Padarthas which is/are more important than the others? Or are all Padarthas equally important?

All having equally important Sir and very much related to treatment... I am discussed in detail with as simple as possible. But these are philosophy may quiet hard to digest.

Excellently explained the Padarthas and most students ignored Padartha Vijanana classes at that time pure Ayuvedic course after our times was inforce but for Pure Ayuvedic treatment the knowledge of essential of Padartha Vijanana and Keep it up your series

Again A good post. Your posts contains Recap and Precap that's too precise and worthy. We all are thankful... Keep it up

Yes Dear Akshay

This concept of shadpadartha is quiet difficult n a bit confusing to understand as well as for explaining..Hope that you will simplify it to us in ur own style of explanation as u have described in the post..We will be eagerly waiting for ur post of shadpadartha....Well done n keep gng @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir many thanks

Hope, I will. I try my best.

Very good explanation of shad padartha.....@dr niranjan ram sir.

Thanks Sir, I am missing your valuable suggestions from 2 days @Dr. P. G. Shah Sir.

Nice post sir

Its my pleasure Sir that You are the 1st reader today.

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Trisutra simplified with shad padarthas... So beautiful.. Padarth vigyana is the base of all.. Very well explained sir...ver well...

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