• Kali Mur 3X - 10 grains, Thuja 30-1bund, Merck Saul 30-2 drops, Vereolinum 30-2 drops, Aqua-2 ounces - mix them. Giving four doses daily helps in relaxing the intestine with smallpox. • Arsenic alb 30-2 drops, rastox 30-2 drops, Crotalus hordis 30X - 10 grains, aqua-6 ounces - mix them. These are 6 units. By giving 6 doses daily, blood in smallpox grains, redness of grains, bleeding from any part of the body gets relief. Antim Tart 6-2 Bund, Saracinia 3X - 2 drops, Vereolinum 30 - 1 drop, Aqua - one ounce. Mix them. This is a quantity. Give four doses daily - it will be easy to get pus in smallpox grains. . Aconite 33-3 Bund, Antim Tart 6-2 Bund, Bryonia 30-2 Bund, Sugar of Milk-30 Grain - Mix these. These are six units. Give six units daily. Give it in the initial stage of the disease, while there is high fever and constipation and the rash does not come out. It removes the rash quickly and easily.

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