ABOUT 4 GUNAS OF ROGI: ADYO ROGI BISHAK VASHYA JNAPAKAHA SATWAVAAN Can you all please share your views way of understanding for each of 4 GUNAS.. What do you all think on the point Bhishak vashya ... Does the pt will be explained in classics+as translated into in English book In few cases where patient would have been approached all the other doctors and at the END as last to try if they come to ayurveda with a Trust on Dr which would have been diluted by the bad experience before (if they had any...) OR By rejecting the suggestion of a Dr to undergo any surgery or to try/get a course of some sort of treatment... WILL THEY REALLY BE BHISHAK VASHYA while approaching Ayurveda Doctor...??? Does adyo rogi mean only what we get to read in 'Translated to English books as PATIENT SHOULD BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE TREATMENT(does it only for counting socio economic status of the patient) Is there any other interpretations of the word "Adya"?@Dr. Krishna Kurapati @Dr. Paritosh Barman @Dr. Abhijit Saraf @Dr. Abhijit Saraf @Dr. Anitha M.V @Dr. Shukla Vikram @Dr. Kedareshwar Pancholi @Dr. D. P. Singh @Hemant Adhikari @Dr. Amitabha Dasgupta @Krishna Raghavendra @Jyoti Bajpai @Arun Chugh




Adhyo=Wealthy Dhanwan. Bhishagvashyo=Having Ful Trust On His Doctor, Obedient Must Be Follower Of Doctors Instructions About How To Taking Medicines And What is Pathya For Him And What is Apathya. Gyapakah=Every information About His Health Condition,His Good or Bad Habits, He Should Be Tell His Doctor Every Question Of Doctor Should Be Answered By Him. Nothing Should Be Hidden From His Doctor. Satwawan.=Mentally Spiritually Powerful Majaboot Dilwala,Himmatwala,Having Self Confidence. This is Paribhasha OF Ideal Adarsha Patient.But in Field We Find Different Situations.But Truth is Truth.Ayurveda is Science Of Life.Which is Mentioned in Our Samhitas is True Scientific Applicable Scientific Knowledge Which is True For Every Time Shashwat.Which is Beneficial For Humanity .Thanks@Dr. Aishwarya Upadhyaya .

Nicely explained sir. Thank you @Dr. Kedareshwar Pancholi sir.

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Dear Dr. Aishwarya Upadhyaya ma'am, I agree with Respected @Dr. Kedareshwar Pancholi Sir. हिन्दि और संस्कृत में आढ्यो शब्द है। Not adyo but adhyo.

Thank you doctor

I agree with@Dr. Kedareshwar Pancholi Sir. Explained very brilliantly.

Thank you doctor

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In harit samhita Rogi is shreshta than other Because without rogi remaining paad is useless. Something different view explain in harit samhita

I agree

Adhyo = Saksham and who have faith in Vaidhya

Valuable opinion

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