Child age 2 days jaundice bilirubin 18 what treatment it's serious or not



seems like pathalogical jaundice . risk of kernicterus increases when bilirubin level increases more than 20 . plus u have to see for direct and indirect fraction both . most common cause ABO / RH INCOmpatibility . do cbc crp dct baby blood group mothers blood group g6pd . get the baby admitted for intensive phototherapy might need exchange transfusion as well . act quickly

Patient needs exchange transfusion. Refer to a tertiary care hospital immediately. Very serious ... Will develop kernicterus with permanent brain damage if not treated immediately. please mention age of child in hours not days if asking for jaundice

Gestation and age of baby in hours is important... if baby is between 48hr-72 hr then its an indication for exchange transfusion to avoid kernicterus...

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