child brought by the patients with this lesion over the foot. child is irritable crying continuously. no history of insect bite. What is the diagnosis and treatment.



Its cellulitis, In Ayurveda we can correlate with pitta predominant shoth.... You can advise for local application of Shath Dhowt Ghrita Punarnava Ark 10ml BD with equal quantity of water I agree with the management advised by @Dr. Ashwani Vashista ma'am, very practical and must be very effective.... You can go with it also.... We need to start Shoth Har Pitta Shamak Chikitsa.....

Dr. Rajan N. Iyer Dr. Prakash Mohapatra sir please share your views.

Hope it is a case of Cellulitis, though I hv no knowledge in Ayurveda but according to homoeopathy Belladonna 6 can be given every 1/ 2 an hrly

Dr Sweety Bajoria... This is a case of atopic dermatitis can occur in any age, most often it affects infants and young children. Atopic dermatitis, sometimes called eczema, is a skin problem that causes dry skin, intense itching, and a red, raised rash. Moisturizers and constitutional drugs are often helpful. The cause of atopic dermatitis isn't clear, but it affects skin's ability to hold moisture. Your skin becomes dry, itchy, and easily irritated. Most cases who have atopic dermatitis have a personal or family history of allergies, such as hay fever (allergic rhinitis) or asthma. Thank you.

APIs mell belladona pyrogenium 200 (2 dose)

Atopic dermatitis with sec infection

I thnk it is cellulitis ,, apis mel with external application euphorbium officinarum

How bout bella

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Atopic dermatitis. Allopathy, Homeo and Ayurveda all 3 are promising. If it persists long time finding allergens may be useful

Respected Dr, According to my views immediately you can apply paste made of Goghrita thoroughly mixed with haldi on the patient's foot. Afterwards make a decoction of Khadir chaal 30 g + Neem chaal 30 g + Panwar 20 g + Haldi 50 g + Rakta chandan 20 g + Giloy 30 g + Manjith 30 g. Boil all the ingredients in yavkuta avastha with 8/16 times water, till it reduces to 1/4th quantity then divide the kwath into two parts. One part for oral use & the second part again added with ingredients also add 250 G of Goghrita till the whole water evaporates, then after seiving through cloth use this ghrit as external application. This preparation can also be given for internal oleation alongwith other medication. Rest as you feel better. Thanks

It is cellulitis,pittaj shoth,as dr hemant and dr ashwani said Rx,that is enough,,and also you should look for any allergy as shocks or footwear

Atopic Dermatitis lets take it this way: Child is allergic to socks footwear material...Suppressed Foot Sweat.... Such lesions are also seen amongst Care taker Nurses and surgeons...who need to wear gloves for hours together !!.Please post complete image and history...I see a Michelin Tire Baby here (MTBS) The caretaker/ mother: Leuconychia

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