what is this case

child female. age 8 years. since past one this child case is suffering growth like warts, but not wart in anal region. what is the diagnosis and treatment of the case.



Anal skin tag ,it is common and harmless. It may be due to diarrhoea or hemorrhoids . Aloe, Nitric acid, Sulphur etc. are good for such cases. Select the similimum according to symptoms similarity

Fibrous cyst Acid Nitric will be helpful.

DX Cyst RX Thuja occ 1 M single dose Calcaria Fluor 6 X TDs

Thank you doctor


Thuja 1m

Thuja can cure

Thank you doctor

Rectal poylps ?

Pulsatilla can cure it, may need Lycopodium.

Surgery is best option

I agree

Mucoid polyp.Medicine is Aloe 30 Four times a day

Thank you doctor
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