child had intercurrent episodes of pain abdomen resolving spontaneously with similar illness in family. diagnosis plz.



response sir as per history given by u sickle cell disease is more to close intermittent ando pain during crisis anemia and jaundice seen together black dot due to anything else

if below 9 years intussusception is very much indicative and due to what pain may occur. do surgical intervention with water inject through anus.if pain not reduced it may be due to worm infestation where anaemia is a common factor and treat it. if not relieved investigate RE blood and st x-ray of abdomen, this pain due to accumulation of gas due to intussusception. regards

there was no jaundice or bony tenderness on examination...usg abdomen showed intussusception. ny guesses now?

may be teeth bite during crisis pain cause bruishing

sicklecell crisis with anemia

dr. rohan - it was a self limiting episode so conservative management done as advised by pediatric surgeons.

classical clinical features of peutz jeghers syndrome, oral pigmentation and recurrent intussusception leading to pain abdomen

Henoch Schonlein purpura may be

yaa rt sir pz syndrome

how to explain black pigmentation of oral mucosa with sickle cell..?

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