Childhood Asthma

Age 5 year,spo2 79, lung rate 30 per minute, trigger,lung sound wheezing, cough,increased mucus production,no fever.body weight 16 kg,I treatment today asthma systematic treatment.what is will be do give your opinion Chief Complaints Difficulty breathing,


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Manage the acute exacerbation first . Give oxygen . Cannulate the child take sample for cbc crp. Cxr needs to b done . Nebulize with asthalin plus normal saline three times at 20 mins intervals then 4 hourly . Inj hydrocortisone 5 to 10 mg/kg stat then 5 mg/kg every 8 hourly . Syp ascoril ls . No role of antihistamines . Antibiotics only if sepsis screen positive . If still distress persists then iv magnesium sulfate 25 to 50 mg/kg infusion .

At GP level we should try to controll severity and gc of pt. Start nebulizer with asthalin and cortisol Start Antibiotics like Mox cv syp Deriphylline liq Age is 5 yrs ,so can give inj hydrocortisone . Still not well send to paediatrician

First grade asthma Then classify severity Treat as per GINA guidelines See he falls in which step - (1-5) Treat according to that in GINA guidelines Call him after 3 months Reasses with PEFR Then step down or step up treatment. See how he performs - if doing good then continue that Reasses after every 3 months with step up or step down

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